Precision Tag Pole


Precision Tag Pole is 2-piece and weighs less than 450 grams and is 13’6” and 10 ft. Available in 3 great colours red, blue and gold.

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The Precision Tag Pole utilizes HM and 3K carbon fiber with anodized aluminium accents in red, blue or gold. Each The top 250mm of each tag pole utilizes an electro-chrome plated 3K carbon cloth which is highly visible and makes aiming much easier.

The stopper has been designed to have the tag streamer run either inside or outside the pole by incorporating a milled slot allowing the streamer to sit flush, attached by a rubber band preventing the tag from being knocked out of the applicator.
The back of the nylon stopper incorporates highly visible and brilliant red epoxy to help in tagging accuracy.

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Blue, Red, Gold


13’6”, 10 ft


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