The time for perfection has come I have fished many rods over the years; even some of which I thought were the best, which is until I fished a Precision Rod, Mind Blowing to say the least. With some of the finest thread work ever seen and performance unmatched to anything I have seen or used. But what really convinced me was the performance of these rods. I have used many rods over the years but none come even close to Precision Rods. Finally we found some rods that hold to what they promise. Precision Rods, makers of rods that exceed all expectation. We have pushed the line to its limit and the rods perform exactly the way we need it. The 80 lb stand up, my favourite is a perfect pole to catch grander Blue and giant tuna! If you don’t own a Precision Rod then you’re simply outgunned from the start.
Captain Matthias Henningsen, Harmattan Ascension Island,
When good is just not good enough, where traditional has been sucked dry, there lives a master rod builder from Oz who won’t settle for anything short of crafting the worlds finest “beyond” custom fishing rods. Designs, blanks, hardware, finish, alignment, deflection, weight, no detail too small is left to chance, or considered as a short cut to higher profits. Stuart MacKenzie stands uniquely alone in the vast pool of ‘wanna-be’ rod builders, Stuart is not a ‘wanna-be’, he is the ‘real-deal’, Stuart is gifted as well born with what I call the ‘eye of the hunter’. Check it out, the combination is unparalleled in today’s craft of serious rod building. The company name “Precision rods” the craftsman Stuart MacKenzie of Australia.
I’m happy to fully endorse Precision Rods products. Where ever I have seen their rods being used in the world they have performed flawlessly, on some huge fish, and with style and panache. If you’re in the market for the best of the best fishing tackle, make sure you look closely at Stuart’s creations – he’s one of the best rod builders on the planet. “He’s one of the best rod builders on the planet”.
Captain Roddy Hays,