Precision Centre Rigger


Our carbon Composite centre rigger poles are based on the 15ft telescopic riggers. These poles come with 316 stainless eye bolts both on the tip and base of the poles.  Rigged with stainless eye bolts, mono and return weight.

Colour – twill carbon fibre pattern with clear finish

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The Precision 2-piece Centre Rigger poles come in 3 sizes, 15ft, 12.5ft and 10ft.

The tip of your Centre Rigger should always be higher than the tips of your outrigger poles. This way the outrigger lures won’t get tangled with the shotgun lure when making a tight turn.

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10ft 37mm OD butt, 10ft 40mm OD butt, 12ft 37mm OD butt, 12ft 40mm OD butt, 15ft 37mm OD butt, 15ft 40mm OD butt


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