Carbon Outrigger Poles

Australian designed and made.

Outrigger rodsPrecision Rods designed Australia’s first carbon outrigger poles. These outriggers are considered to be the most advanced, well-engineered rigger poles on the market. Precision Rods has spent many years working for and with rod blank manufacturers. Precision Rods has designed many blanks and rods for overseas game-fishing businesses. It’s this vast experience that is utilised in our high-performance outrigger poles.

The key issues with the current crop of outriggers poles was that they were too heavy and far too soft. Precision Rods focused in on those problematic areas and designed a carbon outrigger pole that eliminated those problems.

Precision Riggers are some of the lightest, stiffest and strongest riggers in the industry. Precision rods are synonymous with ground breaking designs and our outrigger poles are proof of that. Many have tried to imitate our outrigger poles; however, they are poor imitations that fail the basic principles of carbon fibre design and construction. Precision Rods didn’t stop there, we engaged an engineering consultant to carry out load testing on all our Outrigger pole models.

Precision Rods is the only company that goes to this much trouble to produce the absolute best performing products on the market. This ensures the outrigger poles will perform flawlessly under all conditions.

The advantages of using Precision Riggers is the many years of design experience has gone into our outrigger poles. You can expect much better performing lure and bait actions, crisper line release from the snap clips due to the responsive nature of carbon, reduced rigger line creep, durability and reliability, less fatigue on outrigger mounting surfaces.

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