Precision Tag Pole Evolves

Carbon fibre Precision Tag pole.

Tag Pole Precision RodsThe full carbon fibre Precision Tag pole has been in production since 2001 and is now one of the most widely used and highly regarded tag poles in Australia. Our latest model takes things to a whole new level.
Fourteen months in development, our latest model offers a staggering 50% increase in stiffness and a 25% reduction in weight from the previous model.
We wanted to completely redesign the tag pole starting with the carbon fibre we use and how it is rolled, we also invested in new tooling.
The new model tag poles contain high modules and 3K carbon fibre with anodised aluminium accents in red, blue or gold. Each pole is sprayed with a high impact epoxy clear to protect from harsh knocks.

Electro Chrome Plated.

With attention to the finer details, Precision rods went the extra step and designed the tip of the new tag poles with a 250mm long electro chrome plated 3K carbon cloth which is highly visible and makes aiming much easier.
The stopper has been redesigned to have the tag streamer run either inside or outside the pole.
Precision Rods Tag PolesThe stopper incorporates a milled slot allowing the yellow streamer to sit flush, attached by a rubber band preventing the tag from being knocked out of the applicator.
The stopper also has a small hole in the front directly above the stainless applicator which allows the streamer to be inserted inside the pole.
Located at the back of the nylon stopper is a highly visible yet brilliant red epoxy to help in tagging accuracy.
Precision tag poles are a 2pc construction and have a standard length of 13’6” weighing less than 440 grams. Proudly designed and made in Queensland Australia.
The Precision tag pole represents the dedication and innovation that Precision Rods is best known for.

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